Saturday, March 5, 2011

Activity 1 - Introduction

Welcome to my blog about teaching drawing. I work in the School of Design at Otago Polytechnic where I teach drawing, painting, basic design and writing on the Certificate in Creative Studies program (level 4). I am now in my fifth year teaching and am continually learning and building a teaching philosophy from my experiences.
Along side teaching I have my own art practice. Painting with oils is my preferred media, but drawing plays a large part in the development of the paintings. The experience and energy that I get from making art influences and feeds my teaching practice and vice versa.

Initially my goal in taking this course was to develop resources for the drawing papers I teach - "Drawing and Mixed Media" and "Life Drawing, however I have realized that to make effective use of resources it is important to have delivery methods that are both flexible and worth wile. Thus my goals are to develop some flexible resources delivery methods for the teaching of drawing.

Drawing is a skill that can be learned by anyone, however students often have a pre-concieved idea that it is somehow a 'gift' that some people have and some don't. At the beginning of a drawing course I watch less confident students compare themselves to more accomplished drawers in the class, quickly become intimidated, loosing the little confidence they did have and the motivation to even attempt it. This is a cause for needing to develop flexible learning strategies in the area of drawing.

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Bronwyn hegarty said...

Hannah I really love the image. Your cause is a worthy one - how to scaffold the less confident drawers. This is a great introduction and gives us a clear sense about your role and professional interest, and your priorities for flexible learning. I am looking forward to assisting you to find some different strategies for your teaching.