Friday, April 29, 2011

Activity 5

To discuss the learning strategies in my context I had to think beyond just the drawing paper that I teach and into the broader teaching approach to our certificate program and design.

All content, activities, communication/interaction and assessment are designed and delivered under the umbrella of a Project Based framework.

Each project is 7 to 8 weeks long, that uses weaves together practical and theoretical learning together. What is assessed is the product of the 7 week project – a logbook and a piece of design/art work. There are guidelines, sometimes loose and sometimes tight depending on the project.

In, Tracy Nashe (an ex – OP design colleague) writes about the philosophies of teaching design. (these will become an underpinning to the development of my plan)

“Speak Responsibly"

“Listen Generously”

“Honor Diversity”

As well as being philosophies These statements seemed to strategies, and fit comfortably into the ‘delivery and logistics’ and ‘instructional approach’ dimensions of flexible learning (Collis, Vingerhoets and Moonen, 1997). I often work one on one with students to act as a bouncing board for idea generation.

Another flexible strategy of the project based umbrella is that the content and projects are all linked, with skills that cross over and flow with adjacent papers that the students are taking.