Sunday, May 15, 2011

Activity 6 - The Plan at large

video This video seemed to do to me what I want my students to do, and the focus of my flexible learning plan and that is REFLECT. when looking at ones self we naturally reflect, and hopefully think about what will be done differently......this was take 3. ...will add more to this post soon but wanted to get something out there.


Bronwyn hegarty said...

Yay I love it. This is a great way to get your point across, and illustrate your thinking process.

Being a fan of reflective practice, I am really interested in where this is taking you. Videoing the feedback session will be a good way for the students to review the session. What do you expect the students to look for when they review the video? You obviously want to encourage reflection, and dialogue is a very useful technique for this, and very powerful when combined with reflective writing - do they do this in their logs, and do you discuss this in your mentoring sessions?

I have a couple of questions. How do you get them to reflect at the moment on their skills, performance?

My head is now spinning with ideas for how this could work. First of all you need to be clear about the purpose of videoing the feedback session.

Is it mainly to develop critical thinking skills and increase reflective ability in the students?
Or is it to assist them to develop their ability to critique themselves and their skills?
Or is the main reason to get them to remember what you discussed with them, so they can build their knowledge as part of reflective learning?

If you go down this track, you will need to think about some sort of structure to assist their reflective process - the Three-Step Reflective Framework can be modified to assist with this. First of all, you need to think through and decide on the main focus of the exercise.

It will also be good for your reflective practice - to review the technique you use in the session. :)

nurse liz said...

Hi Hannah, great idea...

i was just wondering if your idea of capturing the feedback session for relection and mentorinf would also work as an audio recording/podcast which is a bit more transportable and maybe less threatening to thse who do not like to see themselves on screen?

Hannahj said...

Thanks for your feedback, I think the main point is to develop the ability for self critique, and secondly remember the skills

Yes a structure would be the way to do it. Strucure seems to be a theme for me in my teaching practice at the moment.