Friday, April 27, 2012

Requirement 3 - CCEL

  Existing learning activities critically reviewed – what works and what doesn’t.

What does work – Students respond positively to demonstrations of drawing techniques.   They like to see good examples of what they are expected to do and they also need to have clear instructions on what is required for each week. They like to see that drawing can be broken down into steps and that it can be made simple
What doesn’t work – leaving students to work entirely self-directed over long periods with very little structure - it does not provide enough support for learning. 

  Proposed learning objects, media and activities are described, as well as the way in which they will be used.

Moodle – weekly tasks will be posted, post will include an explanation of the skill and tasks and also, images as examples.  
Journal/ portfolio as the assessment requirement - The drawing log is a journal, so all work that goes into it is going towards assessment, and thus addressing the learning outcomes
  • Demonstrate drawing development through regular practice 
  • Develop a portfolio of work suitable for assessment

 Media - There are a great deal of short instructional/demonstrative video clips on line.  Linking relative videos to weekly tasks e.g. this is a great one on how to draw hands

Reflection on resourcing, including any new technologies, staffing and training provided.

Staffing -   Wile I teach and facilitate drawing I by no means know about all areas.  I want to include actives that look at technical drawing, drawing for designing product,  fashion drawing, basic architectural drawing.  These drawing practices are very industry specific, thus getting students who are in 2nd or 3rd year degree to teach a short 20min workshop to certificate students.   It is refreshing to have a someone teach but also as a way of connecting the level four students with our stakeholders and the greater design community and school in which we sit. 

New technologies - Scanning drawings and uploading images onto moodle forum for feedback and assessment, but also to see what drawings look like in a digital format.